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Getting Closer To the Customer Experience

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Capturing Consumers “In the Moment” to Drive Brand Growth

In the current marketing landscape, it’s more valuable than ever to capture consumer engagement with touchpoints, brand initiatives, programs, and products while they are “in the moment.” With the pressure mounting to connect with consumers on their terms and to navigate the myriad channels by which customers interact with brands, obtaining insights in a more realistic, natural manner can provide truths and “aha” insights that will lead to building stronger connections with your target.

As such, employing techniques that provide greater clarity around how your marketing and brand efforts truly impact decisions is vital to success. There are numerous benefits to using approaches that illuminate consumer decisions and clarify the customer journey. By getting closer to the truths about what people actually see and do, we’re able to…

  • Reveal actual behaviors in the moment providing a clear, realistic vantage point.
  • Bring to life the questions people have or additional information they need to complete purchases.
  • Uncover the “why’s” behind decision making, uncovering the often illogical or emotional components that can also go into the rational or logical decision making.
  • Identify issues that may be taking place or hindering someone to complete an action.
  • Provide clear direction around issues that occur as people shop an aisle or pass by displays, try to open packaging, read product instructions, or contact customer service.
  • Reveal how people interact with your product versus your competitors products.

The question is “what are the best ways for you to capture these insights?” Below we’ve highlighted two solutions that have been highly effective for our clients.

Autography as a Means for Capturing Consumers in the Moment of Truth

With Autography we get a hands-free accurate video recording of the consumer, via a small camera worn around the neck or attached to a pocket. This can be used to capture a multitude of occasions from consumer’s daily routines to their shopping experiences.

What it does:

  • Allows us to get a first-hand view of what a consumer is doing, in an unbiased manner.
  • Eliminates the need to have an interviewer or ethnographer alongside a respondent.
  • Provides real-time recording of a consumer’s activity (cooking, banking, shopping, etc.) which is played back and reviewed with consumers to debrief their experience.

What it delivers:

  • Better understanding of what elements influence consumer habits, routines and examines why consumers act in certain ways.
  • Ability to debrief a consumer experience, immediately, with video footage that replays a consumers movements and decisions to get a holistic understanding.
  • Ability to reconcile what consumers “say” versus what they actually “do”

Mobile as a Means for Illuminating the Decision Pathway

Mobile allows us to capture actual behavior during a consumer’s journey – throughout a shopping experience, at point of sale, or while using a product at home. With mobile we catch the spontaneity around what’s happening, why it’s happening and how it’s happening.

How it’s done:

  • Consumers are targeted in desired locations with Geo-fencing– connecting with people who are about to walk into a specific store, or heading into a local bank, etc..
  • These consumers take pictures and video testimonies on their mobile while performing certain shopping activities
  • Their mobile responses are linked back to a traditional online survey that allows us to expand upon what they did in-store and fill in gaps to round out our understanding of the journey (i.e. motivators, planning activities, attitudes, needs, and other behaviors that yield a holistic picture of the customer’s journey)

What it delivers:

  • Ability to leverage people’s feedback at very specific times – during their morning routine, or right after hanging up with a customer service rep.
  • Evaluates point of purchase – documenting a shopping trip, scanning a bar code.
  • Brings the journey to life – adds real visual color commentary to your research which allows for immediate activation and strategic planning for internal teams.

These are just a couple of approaches that will allow you to get closer to the customer experience as a means for driving your marketing strategy and maximizing your marketing expenses.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about how these, and other approaches, could add value to your efforts.

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