Category Opportunity

Tracking the global market landscape.

Tracking the global market landscape - photo

A global leader in fortified food and beverages nutrition wanted to understand consumer views on “better for you” ingredients and supplements.

Business Issue

The brand team sought to uncover the motivators driving engagement with these functional and supplemental ingredients to inspire its innovation and marketing strategies.

The research was designed to help them understand various aspects of the market:

  • Category behaviors, occasions, and brand usage
  • Key categories that fit best with consumer demand
  • Performance of client brands within these spaces, and their ability to drive premium pricing
  • Ingredient profiles that fit best with different health needs
  • Impact of COVID-19 on behavior and product choice


Our charge was to develop specific recommendations across 16 global markets:
Australia, Brazil, China, Columbia, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, South Korea, Thailand, UK, and the US.

Custom Approach

We developed a multi-phase approach that started with looking at comparative year-over-year tracking data to examine changes in behavior, market dynamics, and impact on consumer choice due to Covid-19. Next we implemented a 5-phase research study:

1. Alignment where we built the knowledge base and gained alignment from all stakeholders.

2. Discovery around new client innovations and information of competitor brands in each market.

3. Validate through a quantitative study in each market to understand perceptions and behaviors, and to identify opportunities within different consumer groups (elderly, mothers under 5, and hyper-health conscious)

4. Team work session to share global findings, and align on critical insights and strategic implications that would drive behaviors across markets, regions and globally.

5. Finalize and activate by delivering strategic innovation recommendations to each local country team.

Growth Outcome

The result? Our recommendations enabled the brand team to develop global innovation and marketing strategies based on its insights into opportunities across consumer typologies and to implement market-specific messaging opportunities.

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