Product Roadmap

Designing relevant features and offerings.

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A leading server manufacturer was evolving its product strategy and sought guidance on prioritizing and refining planned features and offerings for a global marketplace.

Business Issue

To improve the company’s global product roadmap, we sought to study market trends and uncover customer expectations. IT decision makers in the U.S., Germany, China, and Japan were identified as the target to provide insights into these key business questions:

  • Where are customers on the automation of the IT management curve?
  • What tools do they use, what are the challenges they face?
  • What is the value of various offerings related to security, analytics, management?


Custom Approach

Phase One:

A quantitative survey provided statistically reliable guidance on a range of topics on the server management automation curve, trends security solutions, support on telemetry data analysis, and connectivity options.

Phase Two:

In-depth interviews provided the why and how behind survey metrics including what prompted IT decision makers to reach the level of automation, what level of automation do they see in the future, challenges of automation, and preferred solutions.


Growth Outcome

The combined methodologies allows us to provide strong recommendations on ways to streamline the brand’s product roadmap. We were also able to help prioritize the global offerings overall, with specifics on how they had to be aligned with each market’s needs.

Specifically, the client was able to:

  • Continue developing automation solutions overall
  • Invest in methods that are likely to be adopted
  • Ensure that telemetry data results would be available for customization


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