Immersive Concepting

Compelling messaging for IT decision-makers.

Immersive Customer Concepting case study photo

In a fiercely competitive IT market, a global technology manufacturer wanted to strengthen its position as a leading provider of system management tools. Here’s the creative approach we took to developing a compelling messaging platform for IT decision makers.

Business Issue

The company’s credibility in the IT space hinged on creating messaging that was both believable in content and empathetic in tone. Our charge was to help them find the spot-on and nuanced messages that would demonstrate the company’s understanding of an IT department’s challenges.


Custom Approach

We designed a creative blend of real-time concept optimization coupled with online survey concept validation. The real-time messaging concept work was completed in a single day, and included rapid and agile iteration with three groups of IT decision-makers on webcam. At the end of the day, a set of messages was ready for final validation through an online survey with a larger group of IT decision-makers.


Growth Outcome

The brand team emerged with messaging that demonstrated the company’s empathy to the stresses IT management faces. By elevating the tonality of its messaging, this global technology firm is better positioned to grow its share of IT management solutions.

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