Bari Weinhausen headshot

Bari Weinhausen

Senior Director of Qualitative Research

Palm Beach office:
4020 South 57th Avenue
Lake Worth, FL 33463
T: 561.965.8300

Bari’s specialty is qualitative research, implementing new online approaches along with the traditional, face-to-face ones that lead to more strategic decision-making related to venue, product mix, marketing issues and purchase behavior. Her experience crosses a diverse mix of industries including travel and tourism, real estate, food and dining, health and beauty, consumer package goods, alcoholic beverages, utilities, insurance, advertising, and media.

Much of her work is exploratory and iterative, building on ideas and insights, and moving participants to a next level in their thought processes. Her approach is to moderate from the perspective of respect for the respondent, an understanding that it is ‘all about them and their experience’ with a focus on ‘why.’ She has also conducted extensive ethnographic research with ongoing follow-up including participant observation during the shopping experience in grocery and mass-market environments.

Bari is a member of the Qualitative Research Consultants Association.

She has been recognized by The Professional Researcher Certification program for her unique qualifications and expertise in marketing and opinion research.