Gennifer Jackson, Radius Insights, Radius Global Market Research 2021/10/gennifer-jackson-bio.jpg

Gennifer Jackson

Vice President

Little Rock office:
425 West Capitol Avenue
Suite 239
Little Rock, AR 72201
T: 501.263.8341

Gen is innately curious and has a passion for finding the answers and delivering data-driven insights with a storyline in a compelling and visual way, with an emphasis on actionable recommendations.

With more than 15 years of experience, Gen is a seasoned researcher, providing thought leadership and a trusted partner to her clients in multiple industries, including CPG, retail and telecom.

Gen has extensive experience designing and leading research across quantitative and qualitative methodologies, including consumer journey, segmentation, customer experience, A&U, conjoint/discrete choice research, brand equities, concept testing, and impact modeling, both domestic and internationally.