Virtual Research

Connect with customers wherever they are.

Keep your finger on the pulse of your customers’ ever-changing needs, attitudes, and behaviors with these online tools.

  • ConnectLive

    Engage with people more naturally in their own environments by using smart speaker devices such as Alexa or Google Home to facilitate conversations and surveys that will enhance your brand and customer insights.

  • Online Bulletin Board

    Get a deeper understanding of your target: their lifestyles, values, hopes and dreams, category attitudes and behaviors.

  • Pop-Up Community

    Connect with consumers over an assigned period to capture sentiment, behavioral understanding, follow product usage, etc.

  • Shopumentary

    Gather shopper insights either in-store or for online shopping by letting the consumer capture their shopping experience, documentary-style.

  • Webcams or Phone

    Meet your consumer virtually. Share concepts, packaging, or advertising and watch consumer reactions first-hand.

  • Virtual Consumer Co-Creation

    Share concepts with consumers, optimize together as a team, and bring revised concepts back to the same consumers for further optimization.

  • Custom Idea Screeners

    Use agile quantitative screeners with additional open-ended questions. Leverage for concept development, evaluating packaging options, naming, product line-ups, etc.

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