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How Human-Centered Insights and AI Helped a Confection Brand Drive On-Demand Delivery Purchases

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by Shari Aaron

Executive Vice President, Growth & Innovation

Case Study

Business Challenge

Our client, a category leader in confections, wanted to understand the highly complex and evolving category related to On-Demand Delivery globally to identify how they could successfully enter that fast-growing space.

We designed a four-phased research approach that included upfront qualitative work to learn what consumers globally who use On-Demand Delivery services want, coupled with new technology-based approaches to data analysis using machine learning and generative AI methods to deliver specific insights about consumer patterns and behaviors.

Custom Approach

Phase 1:
Qualitative, in-the-moment lifestyle research.

We created a two-week online community with people who use On-Demand Delivery in our target regions focusing on natural behavior the first week and sending them on “shopping missions” during the second week.

Qualitative Communities were set up in the following five markets to focus learning on how shoppers use On-Demand Delivery methods.

  • United States
  • Republic of Türkiye
  • Germany
  • India
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Phase 2:
Data mining on customer opinions and behaviors observed on digital channels.

Behavioral analysis utilized 85 million publicly available sources in the U.S. and India to enhance Qualitative insights.

Phase 3:
AI Data mining – On-Demand Delivery communities.

  • AI techniques were used to re-mine the qualitative online communities, which included text, videos, images, etc. across all countries, quantifying learnings and enabling further analysis and insights.

Phase 4:
Generative AI techniques pilot.

  • This phase used AI to generate taglines and creative marketing elements.
  • These materials engaged and excited the client teams, enhancing their learning process.

Growth Outcome

  • Consumers seek a haven from the busy world. Qualitative Community research showed us that the couch was a consistent “where” for placing On-Demand Delivery orders signaling the need for stress reduction and rest for a busy world.
  • Convenience, saving time, and ease of use are the top reasons consumers use On-Demand Delivery for meals and groceries.
  • On-Demand Delivery plays an important role in consumer lifestyles. Data mining and AI uncovered additional learning as to the role and importance of On-Demand Delivery in consumer lifestyles and quantified the Shopper need states around “better experience.”
  • Two critical needs “take care of yourself” and “pamper yourself” were identified through Generative AI, confirming learnings with the research groups, and providing the client with powerful campaign and messaging themes. Clients also gained specific data about On-Demand Delivery users and their habits.

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