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From our first conversations about an engagement, we’re talking with clients about outcomes to learn not only what they want to learn from the research, but how they’ll act on the results. Our end goal is a successful outcome, which extends our partnership with clients beyond the delivery of the data insights to help them work the data into action strategies that will make a difference to their business. 

Insights from our team:

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Ebook: Research ROI

Strong activation strategy is essential when extending a brand into a new market. Download our ebook, Research ROI: 8 strategies to move insights into action.

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Our client roundtable covered best practices and the vital role activation plays in primary research. Watch now:

Let’s talk about turning your insights into action that drives brand growth.

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When we look at the most successful research initiatives we’ve worked on, the common theme is that all of them integrated activation throughout the process.”
Paul Donagher, Director, Client Services