Looking Glass

Move your team from Insights to Action.

During Looking Glass™ workshops, we combine custom insights with your team’s internal knowledge to build strong action plans.

What it is.

In a Looking Glass session, we share custom generated insights and work with your stakeholders to tie them to business goals and launch strategic plans. Working together, your team walks away with clear action plans and growth strategies.

Why it’s unique.

Looking Glass workshops harness the power of business insights and engage teams to do things such as:

  • Ideate to guide the innovation pipeline.
  • Develop customer journey and customer experience initiatives.
  • Build target strategies to attract key segments.
  • Create new product or communications initiatives.

The impact.

Looking Glass sessions engage your key stakeholders in a concentrated discussion to gather input from all areas of your organization.

Facilitators guide the conversation using a proven approach that keeps everyone focused and on track.

The goal of this session is to develop action plans  and provide teams with a roadmap they can implement and track as they move forward.

Sessions are designed to be flexible and can be completed in a single day or over a three-day period to ensure teams get the most out of the workshop.

Colleagues in a workshop meeting

We designed Looking Glass workshops as a way to ensure that specific teams — internal marketing, brand, or product teams, for example — have an opportunity to explore how the research insights impact their planning. The opportunity to review options with colleagues helps teams see how activation planning fits into the big picture, resulting in holistic strategy development.

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Looking Glass workshops engage teams to maximize the impact of custom research. Everyone can move forward in unison and with confidence.”
Jamie Myers, Executive Director