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Benefits of Real Time Concept Optimization™

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Like most companies, yours is likely under increasing pressure to quickly bring new ideas to market. You don’t have the luxury of long lead times when it comes to filtering through new concepts, identifying the winners, and making enhancements that will strengthen performance.

That’s why we are talking about the benefits of Real Time Concept Optimization (RTCO), which was developed by Radius to help brand teams get insights faster. RTCO provides your organization with consumer-driven evaluations that include instant feedback and immediate guidance to evolve and refine ideas. The benefits of this approach include:

  • Obtain immediate reactions from your target audience
  • Capture feedback on how to quickly improve or enhance concepts
  • Revise and strengthen concepts in process
  • Connect concepts to prototypes to ensure alignment between the two

The Real Time Concept Optimizer works by allowing learnings from each focus group to inform the rework of concepts, which are then presented to the next focus group. This process is repeated across several focus groups (determined based upon the number of concepts to be tested and the number of subgroups/segments to be included). Specifically, here’s how it works:

  • We start with a draft concept (or concepts) and can include prototypes as well.
  • These concepts/prototypes are presented and discussed in the first group to assess emotional, intellectual, and visceral reactions, as well as likes, dislikes, degree of interest, what compels those who are interested, relevancy, degree of alignment with prototypes (if available), etc.
  • This first group is then followed by a formal, structured work session with Radius and the client team along with a professional concept writer to rework/update the concept(s) based on the feedback.
  • These reworked concepts are then presented to the next focus group and the process is repeated as necessary as noted above.

Ultimately, the Real Time Concept Optimization Approach offers insight into:

  • Concepts that have greatest potential versus those that should be re-thought or de-prioritized
  • Concept appeal among target audience
  • Improvement opportunities
  • Degree to which target market identifies with concept benefits and reasons-to-believe
  • Degree of fit between concepts and prototypes
  • Level of alignment between concepts and brand

Radius Global Market Research brings more than 60 years of experience in new concept development to ensure that your business objectives are met with the highest degree of capability and attention to detail. If you would like to learn more about how your organization can benefit from the Real Time Concept Optimizer, please contact us.

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