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Market growth in the auto industry depends upon staying close to customers throughout their journey to understand their needs and motivations. Our auto experts guide global brands through idea generation, positioning, service optimization, sales performance, pricing, and all other strategic issues influencing growth.

Our auto clients include:

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Radius Auto ebook cover
The four case studies in this ebook show how our Brand Growth Navigator helps auto and transportation industry firms reach deep into customer insights to help them make critical decisions in a shifting market.


Read this ebook to learn how our Brand Growth Navigator for auto and transportation brands powers customized research to gain customer insights that inform critical decisions in a shifting market.



Josh Lew, Global Consumer Insights Lead at Energizer Global Auto Care, shares how his team developed optimal targeting strategies to evolve its leadership position in the market.


Experience that matters:


global auto brands served annually


engagements annually


quantitative surveys a year


immersive sessions each year

We are one of the top market research companies providing custom designs of qualitative and quantitative approaches to solve business, marketing, and product issues.

Our strategic specialties:

  • Attitudes & Usage
  • Brand Identity & Tracking
  • Communications Optimization
  • Customer Journey
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Market Landscape
  • Offer Optimization
  • Positioning
  • Segmentation

Target audiences:

  • Accessory Buyers
  • Auto Retailers
  • Car Enthusiasts
  • Dealerships
  • Digital Shoppers
  • Electric Vehicle Buyers
  • New Car Buyers
  • Parts Buyers

Radius Auto team:

Nitin Ladva, Director EMEA

Jon Weeks, Director UK & Europe

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The Radius Auto team provided a roadmap for growth based on rich consumer data, and top-notch consulting to ensure that all our stakeholders understood the recommendations. We now know where to focus our efforts to ensure that we keep our offer relevant and growing into the future.”
Colleen St. Leger, Vice President, Innovation, AAA Club Alliance