Jon Weeks photo

Jon Weeks

Director, Europe

Europe office:
The News Building
3 London Bridge St
London | SE19SG
United Kingdom
T: +44 (0) 203 743 6198

Jon leads insights projects combining data science and immersive behavioral techniques for leading brands in consumer packaged goods, healthcare, and technology across the region.

Prior to joining our team, Jon was Head of Client Development for the FMCG team at Kantar TNS, focusing on helping clients develop customer-centric strategies. His prior experience includes ten years at Ipsos,  working across a spectrum of FMCG and retail categories, including confectionery, alcoholic beverages, personal care, home care and home improvement. Jon also has category experience in gaming, mobile devices, payment plans, and consumer financial products.

He has worked using techniques in FMCG stretch across choice modeling, sales volume forecasting, ideation, concept and product testing to optimise the innovation funnel. Jon is also experienced in A&U, segmentations and customer journey programmes, together with brand tracking and B2B customer satisfaction research. Many clients have benefited from Jon’s proposals to design full programmes that cover multiple stages of research across Qualitative & Quantitative, plus synthesise secondary data sources shared by the client.

Jon’s background is in Psychology supplemented with studies in Information Systems, these have led to a clear focus in providing clients with engaging stories they can use within their businesses to drive decision making supported with data.