Paul Donagher, Radius Insights, Radius Global Market Research 2021/08/paul-donagher-bio.jpg

Paul Donagher

Director, Client Services

Little Rock office:
425 West Capitol Avenue
Suite 239
Little Rock, AR 72201
T: 501.263.8341

Paul brings more than 20 years of research experience to our organization. He has spent the past decade building and managing teams to service clients in the communications, technology, CPG, and retail sectors. This experience comprises both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies.

Over the last few years, he has concentrated on how the layering of data can yield results far beyond that which has typically been achievable solely through attitudinal research. He has helped pioneer varying behavioral and neuroscience data collection techniques, while advocating for the combination of data sources to reveal the full story to clients around various business topics including: Consumer & Shopper Journey, Path to Purchase, Segmentation, Concept Development, and Brand Health.

Prior to joining our team, Paul served as Managing Director for Market Strategies. His tenure there focused on custom research solutions and included building a Consumer and Retail unit. Prior to Market Strategies, Paul held positions at Research International, Aberdeen Group and Ronin.

In addition to his work in Telecom, FMCG and Retail, he has worked in a range of industries including Healthcare, Financial Services, Travel & Tourism, Energy and Tech. He has a master’s degree in social research from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK, and a bachelor’s degree in economics and politics from Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow, UK.