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Proven Techniques for Capturing High Quality Data

 2021/10/survey-245.jpg Online customer service satisfaction survey on a digital tablet
Online customer service satisfaction survey on a digital tablet

Ever gone to a new doctor and as you fill out the stack of new patient forms wondered, “who writes these things?” The questions may be vague or ambiguous or downright confusing — they may not even seem to pertain to you at all. It can be frustrating for you and may result in your new doctor not getting the best information to assist in your care.

Respondents can have the same experience trying to answer questions on a survey.

Different people may interpret the questions in different ways, or they may find that the questions are so specific they don’t have the information readily available, and sometimes, the questions are simply too difficult for them to answer. These obstacles can result in lower quality data from your research. The good news is, there is a proven technique for obtaining high quality data.

So, how do you achieve the highest quality data results?
See our tip sheet on what to do to ensure you achieve high quality results in your surveys.

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