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Best Practices: Mixed Methodology for Segmentation

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by Gennifer Jackson

Vice President

Case Study

A national organization wanted to increase its membership through an in-depth look at its existing and prospective members to identify key segments to target based on their needs, attitudes, and behaviors.

Business Issue

The segmentation needed to serve as a strategic planning tool by developing insights, including a comprehensive understanding of their target audience, for future communication, marketing, and service innovation initiatives.

Mixed Methodology Approach

Based on the client objectives, a multi-phase approach was recommended:

1. Foundational Insights: A stakeholder workshop to take a deep dive into existing knowledge including recent qualitative research.

2. Virtual focus groups: An exploratory qualitative phase among various audience groups to fill in the gaps of existing knowledge.

3. Segmentation creation: An online quantitative study to segment and prioritize current and prospective members based on needs, attitudes, and behaviors

4. Bring key segments to life: Moderator-led in-depth interviews with priority segments to develop a deeper understanding of their mindset, motivations, experiences, and considerations that influence their behavior.

5. Virtual Activation & Socialization: An interactive and immersive multi-day facilitated work session with cross functional team members including representatives from marketing, R&D, sales, member services and media agency partners to fast-track learning and adoption across the organization. The sessions included group and breakout activation and ideation sessions to integrate the segments within the organization.

Growth Outcome

The insights from this multi-phased segmentation study revealed key differentiators between existing and prospective members. The deep dive into the needs, attitudes, and behaviors of members laid the foundation for more targeted messaging and communication.


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