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How Path-to-Purchase Insights Helped a Greeting Card Company Attract New Customers

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by Gennifer Jackson

Vice President

Case Study

Business Challenge

Our client, a greeting card manufacturer, sought to gain a deeper understanding of the factors influencing store choice when purchasing greeting cards. They also wanted to explore how shopping journeys and store choices varied across different generations, including the impact of online purchasing habits and marketing influences from social media and digital ads.

Custom Approach

To address these challenges, Radius conducted a comprehensive Consumer Pathways™ study with these specific objectives in mind:

  • Understand and identify common patterns based on factors considered and other defining behaviors.
  • Profile the pathway groups across key consumer mindsets, retailers, and generational differences to determine differentiation and create a cohesive narrative.
  • Provide clear, tactical, and strategic guidance on how to appeal to the defined pathways.

We began by building a knowledge base and gaining alignment from all stakeholders, then we quantified and validated findings through a nationally representative quantitative study, then identified key insights and recommendations to help the team develop activation strategies.

Growth Outcome

The insights we uncovered helped the team develop a blueprint to drive long-term growth for the brand. A key finding was understanding the card purchase journey. It was hypothesized that the recipient or occasion drove the journey and retailer selection, but the research revealed that card purchase was based more on how the shopping mission fit into shoppers’ lives, specifically what other things they needed to purchase and how much they were willing to spend.

The insights also helped the team:

  • Prioritize key touchpoints to focus engagement with their brand.
  • Understand how consumers make decisions about cards to guide actionable strategies to reach key demographic groups.
  • Uncover channel-specific strategies to drive growth and establish themselves as thought leaders with retail partners.

Is it time for you to take a fresh look at your path-to-purchase to identify new opportunities?

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