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How Immersing with the U.S. Hispanic Audience Improved Communications Strategy

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by Glenn Staada

Senior Vice President

Case Study:
Communications and Brand Strategy



A leading Insurer has the goal of creating different strategies to best serve various multicultural and minority audiences in the U.S. However, efforts to communicate in a multicultural and minority-friendly way have fallen flat, so the brand team wanted to develop a deeper understanding of relevant cultures to optimize their approach.

The insurance company wanted to focus first on the Hispanic community. Research was commissioned to understand community members’ lifestyle, culture, motivations, and needs, as well as their feelings about home and vehicle ownership, insurance decision-making and purchase experiences. The study’s goal was to identify preferred communications strategies that would resonate with the Hispanic community.


Custom Approach

A Qualitative study was designed to allow researchers to deeply immerse with relevant audiences. The study focused on Hispanics from a variety of social and economic backgrounds and included:

  • Twelve focus groups, each two hours in length.
  • Eight in-home ethnographies and tours, each two hours in length.

All focus groups and in-home ethnographies were video recorded to create reels highlighting the voice of the consumer in their own environments.


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Gaining a deep understanding of multicultural audiences delivers rich insights that help teams build stronger brands and more effective communication strategies.”



The immersive sessions delivered insights that provided a multi-faceted view of the audience, resulting in a clear path for the insurance company’s Hispanic brand strategy and communications refresh. For example, television advertising has been influenced by new learnings outlined below.

  • Hispanics take pride in their culture and seek to stay connected to their roots through food, language, music, and celebrations.
  • Financial stability is important for reaching goals which includes vehicle and homeownership, education, or owning a business.
  • A realistic and inclusive approach that reflects the diversity and intersectionality of Hispanics’ everyday lives is the most effective way to connect via advertising.

Gaining a deep understanding of multicultural audiences delivers rich insights that help teams build stronger brands and more effective communication strategies. Through Qualitative research and immersive sessions with families in their home environments, teams were able to get closer to their potential customers and gain helpful insights on how to communicate with this demographic. Investing the time up front helped the brand team establish more meaningful connections with their target audience.


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