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Webinar: Optimizing Respondent Quality in Survey Research

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by Paul Donagher

Director, Client Services

In our recent webinar, Optimizing Respondent Quality in Survey Research, Georgeanna Liu, Head of Global Marketing Research and Insights at AMD spoke with Michael Patterson, PhD, Chief Research Officer at Radius.

Georgeanna and Michael discussed some of the challenges researchers face when identifying and vetting respondents, along with key factors to consider when initiating research to ensure accurate and reliable results.

Watch the replay of this 45-minute webinar to hear about the strategies Georgeanna relies on when structuring her research, including:

  • Methods to use and questions to ask to ensure responses — and respondents — are genuine.
  • Qualified strategies for finding representative target populations to get results that are generalizable.
  • How to design questions that keep respondents engaged to obtain quality data.
  • Approaches that minimize bias.

Watch the replay now.



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