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4 Reasons Why a Mobile Diary Can Deepen Customer Insights

 2021/10/businessman-mobile-survey-site245.jpg Close-up Of A Businessman Filling Survey Form On Cellphone
Close-up Of A Businessman Filling Survey Form On Cellphone

Gaining a clearer picture of how your target customers are operating on a daily basis and interacting with your products and services can lead to deeper insights—ones that help you improve the customer experience, drive loyalty and acquisition, or spark new ideas for your company’s innovation pipeline.

Mobile diaries put these types of insights into closer reach by leveraging the latest and greatest enhancements from smartphones (such as geo-location targeting) to deliver a more holistic picture of customer relationships with products and services.

Here are 4 reasons why a mobile diary can deliver impactful, action-oriented insights:

1. Captures a holistic understanding of people’s lifestyles, habits and attitudes. Mobile diaries give marketers the ability to capture additional key elements, beyond standard diary questions, such as consumer’s social media habits and travel patterns. Respondents will also upload or include pictures and videos that offer greater visibility into what they care about and what motivates their choices. These lead to richer, deeper and more compelling insights.

2. Enhances the accuracy of your knowledge of your customer and/or target audience.Mobile diaries allow you to see the world through the customer’s eyes. They provide you with a lens through which you can understand what they experience, as it naturally occurs. This approach removes the burden of some online surveys where people often have to recall and record pertinent information sometimes hours or days later.

3. Provides a stronger connection with respondents to keep them engaged. Mobile diaries enable us to regularly remind and ping participants via text or SMS. We can randomize and ensure we ping people at different points throughout the day or week, ensuring better representation in our results.

4. Offers flexible approaches that promote a positive experience. Hybrid methods promote agility and offer respondents the ultimate flexibility by allowing them the opportunity to complete the diary online, on their mobile device, or through a combination of these options. Customized survey apps provide marketers with even greater flexibility. These types of survey apps are usually custom built and offer sleeker, cutting edge designs.

Considerations for success with mobile diaries

Despite the advances in mobile, there are still important considerations to keep in mind. It’s critical to weigh the pros and cons of more traditional diary collection methods against mobile diaries. Here are key tips to consider when using mobile diaries:

  • Screen real-estate and length of interview are limited. Mobile diaries must be short and sweet – 3 to 5 minutes max or you will lose consumers attention
  • Consider the frequency of the habit or activity you want to collect. Mobile diaries are best for the types of activities that consumers do on a daily or weekly basis. If the activities you care about occur less frequently, you may want to consider either an online or phone format.
  • Don’t hog the battery. Some features like geo-location tracking or uploading videos can drain batteries, causing a high level of dissatisfaction, driving up respondent dropout rates.
  • Take care to ensure representation. Mobile panels are still in development and may prove unreliable for some sample considerations.
  • Custom APP Surveys carry a higher price tag and require more time to get up and running. Given the high price, it’s best to evaluate study goals to ensure you are aligned with ROI from this research.

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