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5 Near-Term Actions to Create Customer Wins

 2021/10/blocks-245-1.jpg Businessman leaning in to carefully assemble pyramid shape with blank wooden blocks on office desk. Conceptual of business start up and  vision.
Businessman leaning in to carefully assemble pyramid shape with blank wooden blocks on office desk. Conceptual of business start up and vision.

Brand and marketing teams are seeking ways to navigate this time of uncertainty to create near-term wins for their business. Easy-to-implement insights approaches are needed to gain a clear path forward that is relevant to customers and will lead to purchase.

Based on our work with clients over the last month, here are specific insights approaches that we’ve developed to guide them on this phase of brand growth. Each of these are compact in their design, sensitive to budget constraints, and focused on immediate return.

1. Refresh your driver analysis on brand health, engagement, or other tracking data.

This can help predict key outcomes of interest (purchase, recommendation, etc.), and be incredibly insightful and takes advantage of information you have in hand. There are various ways to run this analysis to help prioritize actions and efforts your team can focus on.

2. Create an easy to use excel-based tool to evaluate the potential impact of team-specific action-items.

The existing data you have from an existing tracking program can help improve brand performance in the near term. If these programs are currently paused, re-start them with a very targeted goal of refreshing drivers and creating a forward-looking tool to guide success in the coming quarters.

3. Use a simple MaxDiff exercise to prioritize needs and benefits that you may typically include in your brand and product-related research.

This will help you understand what people are prioritizing in this environment. Quickly pull together items you might put into awareness and usage, concept evaluation, brand health, or other evaluative research to build a simple, short prioritization exercise to yield results in a few days. The outcome will provide clear focus based on what matters to customers today.

4. Develop a short priority scoring initiative to help predict which needs are going to ‘stick’ for consumers in the months ahead.

Several of our clients have taken advantage of our unique analytical approach in this area to accurately develop marketing and product responses to consumer needs in all types of economic cycles. It is likely your teams are awash with ideas on how to best react to a post-COVID environment. Techniques like this can help you predict with confidence which features or capabilities in product innovations will resonate most strongly.

5. Target very specific parts of the customer journey that you can influence today and dig into them with customers to ensure you take the most effective action.

For instance, we know customers are using digital more than ever now, making it an ideal time to focus on digital behavior in detail through the passive metering (via an app on cell phones) and behaviorally triggered mini-surveys to better understand key activities. The information gleaned from these short-term engagements can help you take meaningful forward-looking action in the digital channel.

There may be other near-term wins for your brand through easy-to-implement, highly focused initiatives that your team is already discussing. Contact us if you’d like to discuss what we’ve seen work for other clients as they navigate the coming months.

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