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Best Practices: Elevate Communications by Leveraging Technical Product Stories

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by Brad Weiss-Holmes

Executive Vice President

Case Study

A leading manufacturer of hardware products for the construction industry was struggling with how to communicate the benefits of a new technology to be relevant and motivating among professional contractors, distributors, and purchase decision makers.

Business Objective

Develop a technical product story communication platform that would leverage the manufacturer’s innovation and ensure a successful product launch that brings excitement and sizzle to the technology. The story platform would be used by the brand team across all communication touchpoints including press releases, digital marketing, trade marketing, packaging, and in-store.

Mixed Methodology Approach

We recommended three phases to iterate multiple technical product stories and determine which directions would be most compelling to the professionals and decision makers:

  • 1. Two-day online bulletin board with 20 professionals to identify key tensions with construction hardware products, especially when products fail
  • 2. Brainstorm session lead by Radius internally, developing 10 different product stories and then moved 5 into visualization
  • 3. Online focus groups among contractors, decision makers, and distributors to review and provide feedback on the 5 stories and visuals resulting in one optimized direction the team moved forward with in launch plans

Growth Outcome

The online focus groups confirmed that the new technology had the potential to be a game-changer for the industry. The technical product story communications platform clearly defined the top three product benefits and how pain points were solved. The groups also validated that the technical product stories differentiated the brand from the competition, and the visuals illuminated the product difference.

After the product launch, Radius continues to track the conversations about the new product through social listening. The messaging has been highly relevant and has driven high levels of chatter, sentiment, and passion across the internet.

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