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How a National Bank Built Customer Confidence Through Targeted Messaging

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by Glenn Staada

Senior Vice President

Case Study



A national bank wanted to improve brand perceptions by conveying to customers their commitment to a personal, caring approach to customer service.

Several potential messages were created. However, before introducing this newly differentiated territory to clients and the market at large, leadership wanted to determine if the statements and supporting elements were meaningful, credible, and potentially motivating while ensuring that none of the elements might be problematic.

The team also wanted to get reactions to potential names.



To quantify reactions to the territories an online concept test was used, comprised of:

  • 400 retail consumers
  • 150 wealth consumers
  • 350 small and mid-size companies

Dynamic Probing, which uses pre-programmed keywords to trigger probes, was utilized across all open ends to encourage deeper responses, much like a qualitative moderator would do. The study focused on obtaining feedback on four positioning statements and five names.



The research confirmed that the territories resonated with clients and the marketplace and encouraged interest in the bank. For example, one consumer noted that the statement,

“Bank is interested in my well-being and wants my business,” made them feel “special and significant.”

As a result, the bank was able to develop a messaging platform with tailored content by segment and developed a targeted outreach for each audience.


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