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New Product Development: 3 weeks to prototype success

Shari Aaron, Radius Insights, Radius Global Market Research 2021/08/shari-aaron-bio.jpg

by Shari Aaron

Executive Vice President, Growth & Innovation


Since we launched Innovation Sprint in mid-2020, leading brands have used our tech-forward collaborative approach to accelerate their development timelines and launch new products and services. This breakthrough insights approach is built on a framework of custom modules so it can be tailored to each brand’s specific issues and needs. This is how a major stationery brand identified and tested six product prototypes among 300 consumers in just a few weeks:

Business Issue:

A major stationery brand was exploring innovative line extensions and needed consumer feedback on different formats to determine final product launch and marketing efforts.

Custom Sprint Approach:

  • Phase 1: Various product prototypes were sent to consumers to explore their usage experience over the course of a week.
  • Phase 2: An Ideation Workshop was facilitated to leverage the cross-functional team’s current knowledge, create additional customer perspectives as inspiration, and then quickly create a vast array of commercial and/or product innovation ideas.
  • Phase 3: The six top ideas were tested in a Rapid Read Concept Screener among 300 consumers in key segments.

Growth Outcome:

Two prototypes were identified as having the most potential  allowing the brand team to confidently move forward with ideas that would best meet their customer needs.

An accelerated timeline is possible thanks to Innovation Sprint—our proprietary approach to developing new ideas and products that combines cutting-edge team collaboration tools with immersive concepting techniques.”

Learn more about Innovation Sprint and why it’s the insights approach of choice for leading brands in all industries.

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